Revelations of a “Match Made In Heaven! ” Gettin’ The Business w/ Khalena Knox & Phoenix White!

“The course of true love never did run smooth…” Shakespeare new this tidbit of information nearly half a millennium ago! Now, even with all our modern devices and achievements, love and the pursuit thereof, seems to only be getting harder. Gone are the days when simple declarations of love go a long way, or when a kiss on the hand or cheek could make you swoon. Nowadays it seems like everyone wants love, and everyone is trying just as hard to push it away! Still, there are a few hopeless romantics left out there, and they are determined to prove love not only exists—it’s possible! Khalena Knox and Phoenix White, are two extraordinary women and romantics we have watched over the last few weeks participate in the televised dating shown Match Made In Heaven for their shot at love with “America’s First Black Bachelor,” Shawn Bullard.

Shawn Bullard
Shawn Bullard

As you recall from previous interviews, Khalena is a Beauty Queen with dozens of accolades and endorsements; and Phoenix is an acclaimed Celebrity Photographer with published work in global publications. Impressive, right? Apparently not impressive enough for Shawn, as he has kicked them both off the show! Why? One might ask. Not only do these lovely ladies look the part, they have the poise and class any man of means, or sophistication, would jump at the chance to settle down with. Their untimely departures have generated some major dialogue about the show and just what “quality men” in general are looking for. “I feel like she [Phoenix] and I were the last real women there…we both came there cautious, but open to the opportunity to find love and were met with shenanigans and nonsense…” Khalena says. Indeed, this statement is only supported by the many tweets and messages both ladies are receiving since they left the show. With the title of “America’s First Black Bachelor,” many feel Shawn has the responsibility to choose a woman of substance. “I know what I come to the table with, what I’ve accomplished, and I was one hundred percent transparent…I cannot say that all of the other women there were…but it just seems like the only women left on the show are those who are looking to settle down, they’re party girls…” Phoenix adds.



Now that the show has ended, Khalena and Phoenix have their own feelings about their experience and Shawn. Neither regret doing the show, but they do wish things turned out differently between them and the Bachelor. “I wish you all could have seen more of how he [Shawn] and I really connected…we shared more than our sabotaged date and a kiss…” Phoenix shares similar experiences with Shawn and loves how charming and personable he is, but does not feel he is ready for more. “I feel like he [Shawn] is ready to play, but not ready to settle down…I really feel like he likes the ratchet sometimes…” Shawn’s infamous choices have left many viewers wondering what do quality men want and feeling like classy women lose in the end. In the past, Shawn has denied allegations that he likes dramatic, trashy, and fighting women, but does prefer women who are passionate about him and for him. This “passionate” statement has left much to be interpreted. “Passionate is just another way of saying he likes the drama…I’m not gonna be the one to fight over some guy so no…” Khalena chimes in. Both women hope Shawn will choose a woman of substance, but feel that Angela is the woman best suited for his current mindset and that he likes her the most. “Just from what I’ve seen from watching the show she definitely seems to be more his speed [she laughs]…” Phoenix jokes.

Shawn & Claudia Jordan
Shawn & Claudia Jordan

Rumors are swirling that the Black Bachelor and the newest addition to the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s cast, Claudia Jordan, are dating. Shawn has vehemently denied these rumors, claiming that he and the reality star are just good friends. However, Phoenix and Khalena have their own opinions of these rumors—that they aren’t rumors at all! “It’s pretty obvious what’s going on between them…then they try to act like nothing is going on…you show up at events together, they’re cropping her [Claudia] out of photos, then when you look at her ring finger you can see the indentation of where a ring should be…I mean c’mon…” Khalena boldly states. Phoenix has heard the rumors as well, and although she has not noticed the ring incident she confirms she has heard rumors that Shawn and Claudia are engaged. “I’ve definitely heard these rumors and allegations and they’re really strong, but I don’t believe they’re together…” Phoenix states.


There is definitely life after love and reality television, and these two beautiful women have already begun moving on with their lives. Phoenix has started an empowerment tour I Am Redefining Strong and released a new book, Redefining Strong. She is ready to make a positive change in the lives of others through self-empowerment. She is also a producer of the next season of Match Made in Heaven with a new bachelor that she picked! She cannot reveal his identity, but is sure he will be well received. Khalena is continuing to train future beauty queens and is now embarking into the world of entertainment.Former competitors and now good friends, these two keep in contact and truly seem to have a powerful sisterhood budding between them. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows her worth.  Phoenix and Khalena are worthy of royalty—and they know it too—and that makes a world of difference!



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