Fan Theory! Season 2 of “Empire!”

The first season of Fox’s new hit series, Empire, is gone until this Fall. That means six months without any of our favorite Lyons! You could buy the hit soundtrack, which is currently number one in the country; or even re-watch the episodes on your DVR until your eyes explode! I, however, as a writer; have come up with a few theories of what is in store for The Lyons’ Den in the upcoming second season!


Lucious Lyon (The Devil Himself)- With Vernon dead, the prosecution does not have its star witness to stick the charges to Lucious. This means he will be out of that prison cell in a matter of weeks at the most. Clearly he’s furious with every member of his family, save Jamal (surprisingly). Get ready to see him use the new found relationship between himself and his middle son to cause Cookie some major pain. As for Hakeem and Andre, get ready to see the former on the streets, forced to become “about that life” and Andre committed to an asylum after Lucious makes Rhonda and Anika some offers they cannot refuse.

Cookie Lyon (The HBIC)-Cookie may have agreed to let Malcolm go to fight for Empire, but he is definitely coming back. He’s clearly in love with her and she will need his protection. Especially now that she and Lucious are mortal enemies. Prepare yourself to see her go through some heartache though, Jamal is going to abandon his mother’s side based on her ethics. It is Cookie we will soon see in the slammer again. especially, when they find out she out a hit out on an innocent man. Thankfully, her relationship with Hakeem is about to grow even stronger. However, she should side eye Andre.



Andre Lyon (The Touched One)-Vernon’s murder will affect Andre’s already fragile psyche, as he will blame himself for the death of his “Uncle.” Rhonda is sticking around now that she’s pregnant and will use her baby for as much leverage as possible. However, it is not Andre’s baby. My suspicion is that it belongs to Vernon and she assumed the two men were fighting over her. She will definitely be using the murder to keep Michelle and Andre apart, while he makes a major play for the company, betraying everyone he calls family.


Jamal Lyon (The Lyon’s Roar)- Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY! Jamal has always been described as a “Super Lucious” when it comes to his talents, but what about his personality? We already know he’s capable of nearly murdering someone. Get ready to see the the best of The Lyons become the worst, as power and fame change him. His daddy issues will compel him to have Lucious’ back–even against Cookie! The real threat will come from the alliance of his older and younger brother. He will have to outsmart Andre and keep Hakeem in control–far easier said than done! As for his love life, sorry but he and Ryan won’t work out! Not when Michael returns and reminds him of the man he use to be before his fame. They will get back together and he will abdicate the throne of Empire.


Hakeem Lyon (The Baby)- Hakeem will act out one too many time and find himself cut off from his family and forced to the streets. There, he will finally “be about that life” when he sees what true poverty and struggling are. Camilla will return to make him a powerhouse in his own right, but will probably become a Black Widow when she realizes he truly loves Tianna. His close relationship with Jamal is done. As Jamal becomes all powerful he will become self-sufficient. The Baby Lyon is about to grow up and with Cookie’s backing may become the most ferocious Lyon of all.

Empire will likely return late September, with a few leaks between here and there. Compare and contrast what you find, to what’s been predicted here. I await your own fan theories and comment below!


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