Bobbi Kristina Brown Being Moved to Rehabilitation Center! Still No Improvement…

We have a Bobbi Kristina Brown update! As you know the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been in a medically-induced coma for seven weeks. Now, according to sources close to the family; the family has decided to move her from Emory University Hospital to a, as of yet, undisclosed rehabilitation center in Atlanta. Although she is still in a coma they hope the center will be able to help the young woman recover. They are even going to try to remove her breathing tube to see how she does breathing on her own. Being able to do this without the help of a machine is a hopeful step towards recovery.


Remaining in a medically-induced coma allows more oxygen to reach her brain, but prolonged use of a life support machine makes her body increasingly dependent upon it. It also runs the risk of damaging her brain stem. Unknown to most, this portion of the brain controls the most critical and rudimentary functions of the body– heart rate, breathing, sleeping, and eating. Being that he is her next of kin, it is Bobby’s decision on whether she is removed from life support or not. As you recall, last month it was rumored that both sides of the family were debating on what to do in her best interests.


Let’s keep Bobbi Kristina and her family in our prayers…


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