Interested in using oils from head to toe? SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME!!

By: Jarius Tommillson

There are many products on the market that can infuse your hair, skin, and nails with ultimate moisture. Even though our skin and hair produce its own oil, sometimes it has the tendency to be overwhelming. Some oils are perfect for the whole body. Do you find yourself after the shower using one type of oil for your hair and another for your skin? After using a specific type of hair oil does it run down your back or cause your face to break out with blemishes? Are you looking for one oil that is universal? If you fit into this mold, then lets investigate other types of oils that can not only have you hair and skin on fleek, but is light enough that your tresses are not heavy.


  • Face Oils: Sonia Kashuk Radiant Boost Restorative Facial Oil is a perfect asset to your skin care regimen. Infused with a blend of rehydrating essential oils (sweet almond, sesame, evening-primrose seed, camelina) this product smells amazing and located at Target for a reasonable price. Did I mention its great for wrinkle smoothing and has the potential to give your skin an instant glow?
  • Oil Cleansers: Oil attracts more oil, so when you use a skin cream to wash your face make sure it’s really cleaning your pores and removing dirt and oil.
  • Body Oils: If you are looking for an oil that is light, moisturizing, and smells great, check out my fragrance line. Je’Tomme’s Way, is an oil based fragrance company that is universal to your everyday life. You can burn it, infuse your bath water and most essentially apply it to your skin for fragrance and a silky smooth feel. With 10 scents to choose from, Je’Tomme’s Way is changing lives one scent at a time.



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