Kendall Jenner The New Face Of Calvin Klein??

Kendall Jenner is definitely not that little girl we watched grow up on ”Keeping Up With The Kardashians” in its earlier years. Kendall has made the transition from reality television star to 5-star fashion model look way too easy. So easy, that even veteran fashion models are hating on her. Well, now they have even more to hate on as Kendall is reported to be the new face of elite undie line, Calvin Klein.

It just seems like Kendall Jenner can’t lose. She appeared on countless runways and magazines last year which earned her the title for the most popular model of 2014 according to Tumblr. Then, she shared the cover of LOVE Magazine with fellow elite fashion model Cara Delevingne. Now, the New York Post reports that the 19-year old model is the new face of Calvin Klein. Post did not name a source for the information and reps over at Calvin Klein declined to make any comment on the signing so it is yet to be 100% confirmed.

Kendall did post this picture on Instagram shouting out Calvin Klein and representing the #MyCalvins movement:

“morning! just going to hang out in #MyCalvins alllll day! … thank you @calvinklein for my little gifts ☺️😘”- @kendalljenner




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