Meet Melo KAN: Protector and Educator

L.A Rapper Melo KAN is looking to take a powerful stand for black women while educating black men in his YouTube series “Melo KAN Speaks”


In a very emotional and uplifting premiere of his new series, Melo talks about noticeable black women in Hollywood who have been through rough paths dealing with rape, domestic and sexual abuse, and slavery. These “she-roes” include Oprah, Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, Fantasia and Maya Angelou. Melo’s goal is to raise awareness on the mistreatment and disrespect directed towards black women from black men and encouraging us to replace the value we have stolen from them. “As long as I have a voice, as long as I’m breathing, ya’ll are going to see me put [black women] back where they need to be and I challenge all ya’ll to do the same. I stand for this, this is my real existence,” Melo says.

Melo KAN is also gearing up to release his EP “Melo KAN Lounge” which features his two recently released singles “Bluez Man” and “Push Thru”. Melo KAN’s most noticeable work is his feature with fellow L.A emcee Kendrick Lamar on the song “You Don’t Like”. 

Due to all the racial injustice we have been facing recently, it is clutch to have a guy like Melo KAN at this very needing time. You can follow Melo KAN on Twitter and Instagram: @MeloKAN.



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