Avery Wilson is a “Man of Style!!!

FullSizeRender copy

Avery Wilson is on the rise & with it so is his style & its far from basic everything about him is original from his futuristic hair style down to his shoe game. – he’s definitely waaaay2fly. His style is contemporary and with a hint of modern elegance with retro influences much like his music. He enjoys expressing himself vocally and of course thru fashion, but don’t be fooled by his baby face he’s 19 but well on his way to becoming a fashion leader and chart topper.


 His style compliments the type of artist he is, he plays multiple instruments and just like that his sense of style is very similar he’s a man of many talents & faces. We all remember him & his powerful voice, as he was a contestant on “The Voice” his style is a mixture between vintage inspired and today’s extendedness. His runs are classic & his vocal range is much of a seasoned vocalist its a shame because today’s music has been missing this type of sound for soooo long we’re glad he’s bringing classic R&B back.


He brings emotion and life back to R&B music and it is clean, tasteful and universal. Simple and sudden yet very memorable is what you can expect from this self-proclaimed “vocal robot“. – @Avery Wilson.


Avery Wilson is definitely a man of style and 2015 will be a great year for him just sit back and relax while his music soothes ours souls and his style will be epic maybe we’ll even get to see him on the 2nd season of Empire .- wishful thinking.


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