[New Video]: V Bozeman ‘Black And Blue’

When V Bozeman made her appearance on the first episode of FOX’s “Empire,” her voice garnered the attention of the millions of viewers who tuned in.

Not only was she stunning to look at, but when Lucious (Terrence Howard) told her to sing…homegirl SANG like a college freshmen discovering shrimp flavored Ramen Noodles for the first time.  YESSS LAAAWWWDDD!!

Jokes aside, her vocal talent is undeniable so it’s a good thing that she’s getting great buzz via Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group. Is it us or does Timbaland have a great ear for production and eye for talent?

The “Empire” singer teams up for another Timbaland collabo for the song “Black and Blue.” The emotional, bass heavy song draws attention to domestic violence in a relationship.

With lyrics like:

What are we fighting for?

Why can’t we make love not war?

You beat my heart until you made it

Black and blue, Made it Black and blue

Whoever thought our love turn domestic?

I’ve finally had enough

I won’t accept it

I can’t let you put your hands on me

Be damned if I turned the other cheek

Press play below:

Review: With powerful words to match, “Black and Blue” does just that within its visual. The dark tones, the dreary blue hue of the clouds, Bozeman’s all black cape and other elements create the mood needed for this song.

The song’s message, of course, can relate to so many people who either have been involved in domestic disputes or knows someone who may have (or currently) dealing with this situation.

Bozeman’s facial expressions exhibit a questionable pain all while trying to be solution oriented with some version of common sense and logical thinking.  Whether or not she leaves has no conclusion in the song, but it offers much needed awareness.

Overall, this track is great, the lyrics go hand-and-hand and the video nicely fits the message.

Empire” only has two more episodes left in its dynamic season one arc. Catch it on FOX, Wednesday’s 9/8c.

Look out for V Bozeman on social media via her Twitter and IG accounts.

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