Spring hair color 2015: Are you ready to Spring into a new beginning?!?!

By: Jarius Tommillson

We all enjoy getting our hair done. From curls, natural textures, or even a classic bang, hair has the tendency to define us as consumers. So if you are in love with your hair, take a stand and speak aloud! Are you ready for those must have hair colors for spring 2015? Are you looking to lighten up those low lights and illuminate the sky? Do your dirty blonde locks need a pick me up? If so, spring forward into this season with hair colors that will rock your world.


  • Baby Lights: Instead of the obvious high lights through out your scalp, try highlight strands of the hair all over. This is a creative spin on the traditional coloring method. Think about what happens when you spend too much time in the sun. Your hair is naturally lighten. So don’t go overboard with this look; it should be a natural as possible.
  • Blonded Brunette: So many brunette’s believe that blonde high lights are off limits and this ideology is false! High lights on a brunette creates gorgeous lifts to the hair and gives it more personality in my opinion. Still not convinced? Try keeping your roots brunette and add a ombre of blonde to the bottom for a new bold look.
  • Brunette: With all the color flying around, being unique stands out! There is nothing wrong with staying one solid color. Do what works best for your hair. Brunette’s have rich hair that is perfect for any season.
  • Richer Reds: Deep, rich reds like Emma Stone’s is here for the long run on and off the red carpet. Forget the stigma that red is only good for certain skin tones. A great colorist can create shades of red from ruby all the way to a cooper tone.




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