Nia Long & Mike Epps Set to Star in Will Packer’s ABC Comedy Pilot “Uncle Buck”

Mike Epps nia long

When looking up the word hustler in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Will Packer right beside it and I absolutely love it! Congratulations are definitely in order for Will for his new ABC comedy pilot.

Back in 1989, there was a drama/comedy film entitled “Uncle Buck” written and directed by John Hughes and starring John Candy and Amy Madigan. Fast forward to 2015 and the 26-year old film is getting a full television facelift with Will Packer behind the scenes. Deadline reveals that comedian Mike Epps has been tapped for the lead role while Nia Long has been cast as his wife.

If you’ve never seen Uncle Buck before, don’t worry, we’ve got a little backstory for you. Buck Russell ( who will be played by Mike Epps), is a childish man who learns how to be an adult by taking care of his brother kids in a very childish way. Being that Mike Epps is known for his comedic stylings I already know this show is going to be an all-out laugh riot and I cannot wait for it’s debut.

Who’s tuning in with me?

By Monique C. Tillman


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