Humble and Hungry: Kontrol Girl Gets In-Depth With Trevor Jackson

by Samantha Denäe

Budding R&B singer and actor Trevor Jackson has been making moves to make a name for himself so that you won’t forget who he is or his voice. From film to music, this teen heartthrob is not only talented in his crafts, but he’s also dedicated to making his mark in the entertainment world.


To give you guys a little background about the star, at the age of eight Trevor mauled his way through broadway as he took on the ferocious young cub, Simba, in the Lion King musical.  He then appeared in Disney Channel’s original movie, Let It ShineCriminal MindsCold Case, and Syfy’s original series Eureka.

With a new role in ‘Sons 2 the Grave’, directed by Mykelti Williamson and acting alongside Demetria McKinney, and an upcoming debut album, this is the guy the world needs to watch out for.


Tell me about your upcoming film, ‘Son 2 the Grave’. What’s it about? What’s your character? Are there any similarities/differences between you and the character you play?

Trevor Jackson: I play Marcus Jennings, a high school basketball player. He’s the best in the nation but things he got into in his early high school days held him back from college. It’s a coming of age story about becoming a man. I feel like everybody has been through that. Some similarities between us are we’re outgoing, love what we do, work hard, and want to be the best at all times. Some differences, I’m not good a basketball player but I’m working on it.

I’ve read that you cite your musical inspiration from greats like Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, and Gregory Hines, but there are two that I’ve read that struck out to me for your age: Donny Hathaway and the Nicolas Brothers – why are those 2 inspirations for you?

All I did before I began singing was tap dancing. Once I learn something I get addicted to it. I would watch the Nicolas Brothers’ movies. I would say “yo that’s a show that gets people excited”! Donny, his voice is like butter and I try to emulate him in terms of emotion.

Are you influenced by any female artists? 

Ledisi,  Kim Burrell, Whitney, who’s a legend. There are so many talented people. I’m influenced by anybody who just eats, sleeps, and breathes what they do and figures out ways to make new music. People now do everything the same, I respect creativity.


Let’s talk about your debut album. Do you have name? Any possible features? What’s the feel of the album being that it’s your first full album and not an EP?

The album is coming along great. I’m working on a mixtape since I think fans need something now. It’s a dope mixtape and I’m proud of it because it’ll show who I am. In My Feelings will drop no later than March 1st. The album, Mrs. Jackson, has a couple of features but I’m not allowed to speak on it at the moment. I’m just thankful. I’m in the studio grinding everyday. The feel of album will be different than the feel of the mixtape.

How was it working with B.o.B. and Sage the Gemini? Did you feel any pressure or was it like working with a big brother?

They were super cool. Sometimes people you meet have a chip on their shoulder, but they were funny as heck. B.o.B. was very laid back and they treated people with respect, regardless of their position which I loved.

If you had to choose, which would you pick between singing and acting?

Singing, only because when you sing you sing from who you are. The lyrics, the voice, it’s coming from everything you are. When it comes to acting you’re acting as someone else, which I enjoy, but music is much more authentic.

You’ve been in the entertainment industry for quite some time, do you ever wish you could do normal things, like live a normal teenage life?

No, I don’t feel like that. I mean it comes with the territory. If I played ball I couldn’t live a normal life. It’s about discipline. Right now I gotta set up the foundation for the rest of my life and the world. I thought about giving up and said what am I doing, but I realized I have a purpose and a job to do.

Who’s on your playlist right now? 

I’m listening to Kim Burrell – she’s a beast. Gotta always have R.Kelly in the playlist, Day 26, Eminem, Kendrick, and Drake is cold. I still gotta listen to J.Cole’s new album,  he’s super dope as well, and Jimmi Hendricks.

People love to pair you with Zendaya, I know you two are besties, but would ever want to take things further? They say best friends make the best relationships.

We’re both too busy right now to be that in each others life. The friendship thing is really working and it’s better this way. We both help each other out – she’s awesome, she gets it, but I don’t think it’ll go to that point.


For any girls that want to know, how can they become one of your #WCW #TrevorsBae?

To become a #TrevorsBae, they can post a pic and hashtag trevorsbae,  knowyourname and inmyfeelings and tag me in the photo (@trevorjackson5).

As I spoke to him the thing that stood out to me the most was not that he’s an amazing singer or that he can dance like Michael Jackson, but that he has what most celebs seem to lack – humbleness. He was so humbled by his progress into the industry and he not only knows and understands that this industry takes tremendous patience, but he is hungry and focused, it’s refreshing to see someone really use their talent and passion to achieve a dream. He’s the future of R&B and I can see him really bringing the original sound of this genre back. He’s a forced to be reckoned with.

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