Accessory Trend: Side Handle Clutch Bags

Clutch bags, we love them! They are THE go-to accessory for those special outings. Not only are they easy to carry around but, they come in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors. What’s a fashionista without her beloved clutch bags?

Now, a Kontrol Girl must away be on top of her fashion game. So, take out a pen and notebook because, a new trend is brewing! Can you handle this? Literally! The new “must have” trend is the side handle clutch bag.

Who knew a mere handle could add another level of “ooo la la” to a beloved accessory? Stores like Chole, Valentino, and Asos are already on top of their game and have side handle clutch bags available for purchase! Here are some examples below.

Photo Cred: Macy's
Photo Cred: Macy’s

Kensie Studded Rows Clutch 24,99




Photo Cred: Asos
Photo Cred: Asos


Matt & Nat Abiko Grab Clutch Bag with Zip Compartments $119.22. 

Photo Cred: Valentino
Photo Cred: Valentino

Valentino English Red Leather Clutch  $672.50

Do not be left in the dark with this on-the-rise trend. Stay on top of your game and purchase a side clutch bag! You will thank me later.

Viva la fashion,

Sarai Ashari


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