[New Video]: Omarion ‘Post To Be’ Featuring Jhene Aiko And Chris Brown

Confused Huh animated GIF

…when the inner freak comes out after getting with someone else’s boo thang. 

 Veteran and Grammy-nominated singer Omarion has now dropped a video for his “Post To Be” single with the help of Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko.

DJ Mustard, who again is the producer “man of the hour” has already done tracks for both Usher andTinashe‘s “2 On” plus he’s working with Rihanna on her upcoming album. Clearly, Mustard ain’t slowing down one bit with the hits.

In the single “Post To Be,” Omarion sings about taking your girl to where she isn’t ‘post to be’ while being with someone else. In other words, the song and it’s lyrical content is promoting “yeah you got someone but guess what, I can take that person in a minute” type thing.

With lyrics like:

If your dude comes close to me,
He gon wanna ride out in the ghost with me.
I might let your boy show for me,
But he gotta eat the booty like groceries.
But he gotta get rid of these h-es for me.
Might have that n**a selling his soul for me.
Ooh…That;s how it’s post to be.
If he wants me to expose the freak

“Post To Be” is featured on Omarion’s “Sex Playlist” album which debuted at number two on Billboard “R&B Albums.”

Check out the video below:


Review:  Given it’s contemporary club cut feel along with the “Murder She Wrote” type feel, this song is literally “okay.”

Let’s call a spade a spade, Omarion is great at what he does and he’s still able to pull off a good record. However, the record sounds a bit cliche; it’s not horrible but just cool.

Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko add their own dimension to the song but Omarion could’ve carried this track on his own. Nonetheless, their presence does help bring more attention to the track which works in Omarion’s favor.

What a lot of fans of Omarion wants to see is that level of “Ice Box” or “Touch” return with Maybach being his backer. “Entourage” was one great and progressive song that should’ve added more international appeal to Omarion’s musical career but it failed to do well like his priors on Billboard.

Wouldn’t have been even more cool if Omarion and Brown had a dance off? #IJS



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