NWFW Recap: Noon by Noor Fall 2015 Collection

The cousin designers, Haya and Noor Al Khalifa’s new fall/ winter collection shows that conservative is chic.

The fabrics on some of the clothing items were shiny and glossy. The models hair was pulled back with little to no make-up. This decision geared the focus even more on the clothes. One highlight of the night is a presentation of a long black dress with crystals embellished around. The look appeared to borderline the science fiction look, but still very feminine.


In an interview with The National, the cousins gave details on their new line. “We started with a muted color palette– the greys and silvers, then it all came from there,” says Haya. “We wanted to focus on getting the shapes right and just working on a more simple look.”


Haya and Noor Al Khalifa started their company in 2008 and launched their brand internationally in July 2011. They studied Fashion Design in the States but, moved to Bahrain to begin to bring their ideas to life.

Noon by Noor is Bahrain inspired and is also inspired by the west. Celebrities like, Jennifer Lopez, Solange Knowles, and Blake Lively have been seen in a Noon by Noor design.

Noon by Noor can be found at Saxs Fifth Avenue.

Keep checking Kontrol Girl and Kontrol Mag for updates on Mercedes Fashion Week.




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