Photographer Gareth Cattermole Talks Shooting During NYFW 2015

While NBA fans are getting ready for All Star Weekend in New York (Feb. 13-15), New York’s Fashion Week will be in full swing from Feb. 11-19.

One of the things that a lot of spectators don’t know but may be curious about is how photographers feel being in the mix of things.

Outside of the Lincoln Center, shooting runway shows or even behind the scenes activity, photographers get a glimpse of things the audience doesn’t. That “capture” alone will always be noteworthy of great stories supported by great images.

According to Fashion Times, London-based photographer Gareth Cattermole, opened up about his job as photographer for the very popular Getty Images.

Getty Images are damn near everywhere you think of on a ton of sites and search engines from Google to Yahoo.

Cattermole has already accumulated a nice resume after covering London and Paris Fashion Week, but now, he takes on New York City for the first time. His words may just help to inspire those of you who are in photography, waiting to catch your big break or whatever direction you’re venturing off into.

Check out Fashion Times interview with the Getty hired photographer:

On a typical day behind a lens and organizing work throughout the day:

“Every day is different, and it really depends on who is showing that day. A typical day will start around 7 a.m. with me grabbing some breakfast and getting to the first show nice and early. I tend to try and capture models arriving, then in hair and makeup, rehearsing then into first looks and unless it’s a particularly interesting or big show, I’m on to the next before its starts. I will aim to shoot around three shows a day but also concentrating very much on what’s happening outside the shows, which is where I think you capture a very different side to the fashion week events. Again, depending on show timings, I will aim to finish up around 6 p.m. to then start on the day’s edit. I will do my selections, take a break to grab dinner and then go back to editing well into the early hours of the morning.”

British Fashion Awards - Arrivals

On preparation for Fashion Week:

“To be honest, I don’t really prepare too much. I sit with my assigning editor, and we discuss which shows I have been invited to and also what angles I am going to cover. We see if there is potential to gain greater access to a show by submitting my past work to the designer to see if they like what they see, and if so, they tend to give us the access we need. I would say in terms of timescale, we start looking at this around three to four weeks before the event.”

On couture being more favorable to shoot:

Couture is very different than ready-to-wear in my opinion. I find the shows a lot more relaxed, enabling you to really explore without too much hassle. The dresses are also amazing — in some cases the detail is exceptional and this teamed with some fascinating locations, you can’t help but create great images.


On Tony Yaacoub and Rami Al Ali being two of his favorite designers:

Firstly, I am a big fan of both of their designs and they most certainly never disappoint with their shows and presentations. The fashion scene is not an easy one in which to work — you need very thick skin! Some designers will grant you complete access, but their security may be heavy-handed for no reason, and sometimes the designer’s team will just be difficult because they can.

He added:

The difference I found with both Tony Yaacoub and Rami Al Ali is that they actually want you to be at their show. I have worked with Rami for a few years, and I regard him as a friend — he lets me shoot whatever I want. He allows me to shoot fittings and very intimate parts of a designer’s show, which most designers wouldn’t even let you near. The freedom and flexibility in turn helps to create unique shots.

For more on Cattermole, click here.


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