Angelina Jolie To Direct “Captain Marvel” Movie?

Angelina Jolie has openly admitted that her acting days are coming to a close. She told Entertainment Weekly, “I see myself moving into directing more and doing much less as an actor. I have a few more [roles] in me, ones I have been developing for some time, so I will do those before I step away.”

Angelina is no rookie to directing as she has direct the film “Unbroken” which hit theaters last year and is currently writing, directing, and staring in a movie called “By The Sea,” co-starring her husband Brad Pitt. But is a big-time company like Marvel cashing out for Angie’s directing skills?

OK! Magazine has reported that Marvel allegedly offered Angelina $20 million to direct their first female-led superhero movie “Captain Marvel”:

“Captain Marvel, centering on super-heroine Carol Danvers, is set to become the first female-centric film from the comic studio, so it makes sense that execs want a woman behind the camera too: Angelina Jolie! An insider reveals that bosses at Disney-owned Marvel were so impressed with Unbroken that they’re offering Angie $20 million for the gig. “Having a female director is a priority for them,” explains the source, adding that Angie is thrilled by the offer. “She never thought she’d be in such huge demand as a director, and to be courted by Marvel after the Sony fiasco is a huge pat on the back.”


Seems like Marvel is pulling out the big guns in order to stand toe-to-toe with their rivals DC Comics who are currently working on their female super-hero “Wonder Woman” film which is set to release in 2017. Having big name star behind the camera for the film will definitely raise the stakes. Even with Jolie begin a film legend and an action heroine herself in many roles, we can’t see her not gushing over the idea of directing a female-led Marvel film…and $20 million dollars! Let the battle of the butt-kicking babes begin!


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