J. Lo release new fragrance J.Luxe!!!!

Written By: Jarius Tommillson

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to working. She is a producer, dancer, singer, entertainer, and businesswoman. That is just a few of her titles that she has worked so hard for.  There is nothing too strenuous for this diva and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Between filming American Idol and promoting her new movie, she actually had the time to develop a new fragrance called J.LUXE. Knowing J.Lo, I am pretty sure this fragrance is pure luxury. Not to mention the sexy ad campaign she did for her new fragrance, J.Lo continues to rise to the top of the pack with ease. With a sick ad and body to kill, J.Lo is ready to introduce this new fragrance to the world.


J.Lo serves fresh face with a cheetah print dress and a flowing maine. Add a smoky eye and inhale all of this fragrance glory. Pure luxe with every squirt out of the bottle. Are you ready to be indulged in a luxury scent that has the potential to leave all your senses on the edge of its seat? Wait until this fragrance is released and enjoy J.Luxe to the fullest. We are accustomed to Jennifer’s scents that has musk and a fruity under tone. She has stepped out the box with this one creating a scent that embodies her personal style, look and most essentially her elite status in the industry. I am very interested in using this new fragrance from a veteran in the scent industry.

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