Gabrielle Union Says ‘Be Glad You Got A Middle Finger’ After Dwyane Wade’s $15K Fine

Faithful wives don’t play that ish.

Gabrielle Union has been making headlines leading up to the Season 2 premiere of “Being Mary Jane” on BET.

Her husband Dwayne Wade was fined by the NBA for defending his wife against disrespectful-sexual slurs and she got into a small feud with NBA analyst Charles Barkley.

Well this week, Union set some things straight after a visit to “The Angie Martinez Show.”

The “Being Mary Jane” star talked about her reaction to both situations, Chris Rock comparing Union to Tina Fey and more.

Check out some highlights:

On Wade being “cool” until he isn’t:

He’s cool – until he’s not. When you start saying crazy sexual things about someone’s wife […] Be happy all you got was a middle finger!

Chris Rock stopped by to talk to Martinez and complimented Union on her comedic skills after appearing in “Top Five.” He compared her actress Tina Fey:

There’s not a lot of smart comedies where they want a black women. They want us shucking and jiving and cooing…To get a role like Tina Fey – smart, edgy, more cerebral humor – no. They’re going to get Tina Fey. They’re going to get Amy Poehler, they’re going to get Rashida Jones, that crew. I’ve just gotta get myself invited to Judd Apatow’s house!

Union’s word-feud with Barkley started when Barkley stated that he didn’t believe Wade should’ve made the All-Star team.

Once Union got word of the analyst’s opinion, she took to Twitter and said:

“Forgive Charles. .. Kenny Smith is a 2x champion & his opinion is most sound. It’s like me talkin bout Meryl Streep but I ain’t won nuthin.”

She did say she was “cool” with Barkley but while on Martinez, Union said:

People who ain’t won nothing always have the most to say about people who won something.

She added:

It’s like Nas dropping the Ether, and someone coming back with something lame.

Check out the full interview below:


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