DIY Valentine’s Day makeover…All kisses on you!!!

Written By: Jarius Tommillson

February 14 is a very special day for people across the globe. This is the day were lovers show their affection to those who mean the most to them. Even though you may receive chocolate, candy, and nice gifts from your significant  other, make sure your hair and makeup is on point during the gift exchange. Are you interested in a DIY Valentine’s Day makeover? Want to shake up your traditional heart day? Continue to read this post and fall in love with your new look. Not only will your date be impressed, but your reflection in the mirror will be blown away by the new you!


If you are utilizing dark lip colors due to the season, keep those in your makeup bag. Pull out your reds, magentas, fushias, pinks, and purples to really have your lips on fleek. Whether it’s a lip paint, lip stick, lip gloss, or whatever you like to use to embellish your lips, be liberal with your lips. Nothing better than embracing Valentine’s Day with the perfect lip color. Everyone will plant kisses on you due to your lip color!


Forget the heavy eyewear for those shutters and commit to a natural look. There is nothing like a cute lip with a heavy liquid liner on a clean eye. Add some lashes to make your eyes pop and keep it simple. Valentine’s Day is about the affection not so much the over kill. Accept the dozen of roses and make sure your look aligns with holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!




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