Take full #Kontrol of oily skin with this easy tips!!

By: Jarius Tommillson

Do you suffer from certain skin problems? Is your skin extremely oily or dry? Does you skin appear extra greasy even if you do not apply some form of moisturizer? Well, today is your lucky day. Take full #kontrol of your oily skin with the help of these easy tips. Your skin will be forever thankful without the shine.

Pure beauty

  1. CHANGE YOUR DIET! You are what you eat! Are you aware that everything you put in your body reflects in your skin. Slow down on the sugary snacks and greasy food. Trust me, this is the best way to control oily skin.
  2. USE A SKIN TONER: Using a skin toner is perfect for oily skin. It has the potential to control skin and take the shine away. Make sure you utilize a toner that does not burn your skin essentially. Some toners can actually create more oil in your skin.  For example, Witch hazel is a great choice to use for a toner.
  3. USE A SKIN CLEANSER: Creating a skin cleansing regimen is also a good way to control oily skin. Wash your face day and night to reduce the oil in your skin. One of my favorite skin care products that I swear by is Noxema. I use it day and night and it really works.
  4. MEDICATED PADS: These are great to carry with you in your bag and perfect on the go. You can control oil with the swipe of a pad.
  5. MASKS AND CLAYS: Applying masks and clays to the skin can help draw out the oil and really clean your pores. Be careful some masks can really dry your skin out.

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