Moisture for your crown and glory thats weightless!

By: Jarius Tommillson

After a good wash and set, its important to keep your scalp moist. Whether your rocking a cute pixie cut or even 24 inches of Brazilian body hair, your tresses are only as strong as its foundation. With that being said, its critical that your scalp is well moisturized to prevent dry scalp. Some hair lotions, oils, gels, and even grease have the tendency to weigh hair down. Why not treat your hair to pure hydration without the headache. Recently my sister introduced me to a product that is a must have for her and its well worth the hype. A weightless hydration oil infused with coconut water adds not only shine but the thirst quenching effect on dry hair. Ogx, a beauty company that specializes in hair and body products, offers a natural way to perk up brittle hair.


Coconut water is packed with potassium, vitamins, proteins, and other vital ingredients to keep your hair strong. Ogx has this product on the market and it creates an oasis for your hair. The instructions are very simple to follow for a moist maine. After shampooing your hair, towel dry hair. Spray Weightless Hydration Oil evenly onto damp hair then blow dry to infuse into the hair shafts. Finish the job by misting all over for optimal shine and hydration. I really like this hair oil because it really works and it smells great too!

Coconut Water is also a great tool to utilize for smooth skin. One of my favorite soaps from Dial is has the same quenching effect on my body. It really penetrates deep into the skin fulfilling every taste bud. Try this weightless oil and see if your moisturizer is keeping your hair satisfied.


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