Lavished Lip color for spring…what is your shade?

Written By: Jarius Tommillson

Have you ever heard the phrase “pucker up”? If so, take my advice and strut your pout this season  with lip color that will leave anyone in a daze. Out with the old in with the new. Put down those dark earth tones and substitute those colors for a brighter future. With shades of pink, bright reds, orange and other colors that make us say wow, this is the time to shake up your traditional lipstick. Are you  ready for spring  2015? Well let your lips be the judge and kiss your old lip paint good bye!


With shades of magenta, bright purples and reds, your lips will be in full effect  this spring. Instead  of using  colors that’s dark and keep your lips dim, take my advice and illuminate your lips! Whatever  you decide to use allow it to be a beacon for others. Forget about your skin tone; be proud of your lips and apply colors that are parallel with the season. Keep in mind confidence is everything and work your lips to its full potential! Here are some shades you may find beautiful to wear for spring 2015.


The colors above are great for spring because they are the epitome of spring. Bold, shiny, and poppy colors that have the potential to take your lips to new heights. Spring is in the air and your lips should be a true reflection of it! The brighter the better lipstick lovers! Have fun with your lips this spring just remember to keep them moist to avoid cracking!


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