Kim Kardashian is Selfish!

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she is definitely showing us how to capitalize off of publicity, whether negative or positive.  Kim is known for her alluring selfies that she posts on her Instagram and twitter that has us totally captured and annoyed by them at the same time.

True to her business woman savvy, she is finding a way to capitalize off of her selfies and bring in some coins and make them into a book, a coffee table book, perhaps? Kim revealed the image for the cover of the book along with thanking her team and Husband for inspiring the book.  It will be called ’Selfish’ and chronicle the many selfies that Kim has taken over the last year in addition to personal photos that we have not seen yet.

’Selfish’ will be hitting your favorite bookstores in the spring.  What do you all think will you be copping the book? Check out the cover and sound off below!


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