Complete Your Outfit with One of These Scarves!

A scarf can definitely be a great accessory and layering element of your ensemble.  With scarves coming in different colors, shapes, sizes, and fabrics you can’t have too many! The more you have the more versatility you will have.  A scarf can change the feel of any outfit and help you to add a great layering piece that can change an outfit completely.

Currently, there are 3 staple scarves that you should have in your wardrobe: the infinity, the blanket, and the traditional.  All of these scarves come in different colors and fabrics giving you tons of options.  Check them out below!



The Blanket Scarf

This scarf is super versatile and amazing.  It can be worn as a traditional scarf and tied in different ways and can also serve as a shawl/poncho.  The possibilities with this oversized scarf are truly endless; this would be your investment piece.




The Infinity Scarf

Who doesn’t love this super cozy and essential scarf? The infinity scarf is one of my favorites, you can throw this one on without having to worry about tying it and it is fabulous.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that you can’t tie it; it is still versatile.  You can wear it looped once, twice, or not at all around your neck!



Traditional Scarf

Another wardrobe essential.  This is essential because it is the most versatile.  Whether worn around your neck different ways or around your head, you will not run out of ways to add this one to your ensemble.

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