Kylie Jenner is “Out of This World” in her interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine (@Cosmopolitan)!

People have been believed in aliens since ancient times. Some even hold true to the belief that many of our so-called “ancient gods” were in fact advanced, extraterrestrial life forms. It is a proven fact that more people, than not believe we are not alone in the universe. One of them, surprisingly, has to be the youngest member of The Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie Jenner. The reality star recently had ANOTHER interview, this time with Cosmopolitan Magazine where she confirmed her belief in aliens.

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Kylie believes beyond the shadow of a doubt alien life exists elsewhere and has even met others who share her beliefs. “I’ve been to Area 51 and talked to people who claim to have been abducted. I’m super interested in aliens, but they terrify me because I 100 percent believe in them.” However, she goes on to say she was raised to confront her fears by her father, Bruce Jenner. “He always says to expand your envelope and do things you’re afraid of. So I’m always trying to find new things that I’m scared of.” If Sci-Fi serves us right, aliens often come with invasions so it seems like a healthy fear. Kudos to Bruce for raising a brave daughter.

Kylie and Tyga
Kylie and Tyga


Kylie also dispelled rumors of a pending music career. That’s a rumor. It would be fun to take singing lessons. But if I ever started it, it would be for fun, then I’d see if it went anywhere…My sisters and my mom are super workaholics. Seeing all their success is a big motivation.” Well do not sweat it Miss Jenner, your sisters are The Kardashians. Anything you touch will be practically gold–even a singing career. Then there’s that rumored rap star boyfriend named Tyga that you have. We are sure he will be happy to drop a verse on any of your singles!



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