Elle Magazine Gets The Inside Scoop!

Early 2000s “Lizzie McGuire” star, Hilary Duff give the tea to Elle Magazine about her new television show ” Younger.”

This story is about a 40-year-old woman name Liza who tries to re live the youth of her 20s. In the story she meets Kelsey Peters, played by Hilary Duff. Together they work and explore New York. Hilary tells Elle, “I think that since I started on TV I always feel comfortable doing T.V.”

Cred: Kate Friedman
Cred: Kate Friedman

The show is scheduled to air on TV Land March 2015 and the director is Darren Star (director of Sex in the City). Duff continues to tell Elle, “It’s a show with such an age range of women and I really liked that.” The L.A native also mentioned in her interview that she will be moving to New York and one  of the reasons was because of show.

“I’d actually never been to Brooklyn before I start apartment hunting. Just having Luca here, I wanted a little more space so it just made sense. It’s quieter. I live in a really cute neighborhood with just enough not to be bored but not have the craziness of having 200 people on the street that are like all over you when you’re trying to walk out of your apartment.”

Photo cred: Kate Friedman
Photo cred: Kate Friedman

Excited to see our favorite Disney Star back on the small screen! This will be her first television appearance in decades.

Check out the sneak peek of the show!




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