Can you deliver a flawless look with 5 items? LET’S WORK!

Written By: Jarius Tommillson

We all love makeup. No matter the colors or tools, makeup is an accessory to any outfit. Whether you are hanging out with friends or going to lunch after class, your makeup doesn’t have to be extreme. Natural always works especially if you are girl on the go! If you were giving the opportunity to create a signature look by using only 5 items, would you have the confidence to pull it off? What items would you select? What areas would you focus on? I ask this question because sometimes our society get attached to having a beat face all the time. You and I both know that is not possible! Take a moment and think about how your look would be created by utilizing 5 items.


If I had the chance to create a flawless look with only 5 beauty items it would be:

  1. Concealer: This is perfect for coverage and any beauty imperfections. You can use this as foundation also!
  2. Eyeliner: The eyes are the window to the soul so they should pop!
  3. Eye Shadow: Add some flavor by applying a funky color. This can help you stand out in a crowd and add some spunk to your look.
  4. Mascara: What is the point of having your eyes pop if your lashes are lackluster? Shake them up with some mascara so your lashes are perky too!
  5. Lipstick/Lip paint/Lip gloss: This item can be either or. It really depends on your preference. Sometimes lip gloss can be too sticky. Make sure what ever you use for your lips they add color and moisture.

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