FOR THE LOVERS OF HEELS: What age should a girl start wearing them?

Written by: Jarius Tommillson

We all enjoy a cute pair of red pumps or even a funky boot with a high heel. Not to mention the sexy stiletto as well. The right shoe can perk up any outfit and has the ability to transcend into day and night look with ease. With all the kudos towards shoes, I ran across a question and raised a question about our society. What age is it appropriate for girls to wear heels? We live in a community where everything is depicted through the media. Whether its the latest reality show or WORLD STAR, the younger generation is absorbed in a culture that can make them age fast. Of course as children our parents dressed us according to their standards. At some point kids blossoms and become individuals.


In my opinion, I feel girls should start wearing heels in the age range between 13-15. This is period in life where high school is around the corner and the boys start checking you out. Your heels should not tower; something cute and comfortable always works. You will have plenty of time to increase the height trust me. You don’t want to embarrass yourself and wear heels that are too high and you fall. That won’t be a cute sight! In the end, make sure what ever age you start wearing heels you are confident. It may feel strange at first, but you will get the hang of it. Trust your instinct; start wearing heels when your feet says it ready. Don’t forget a cute clutch to compliment your shoe!


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