Tyga Faces $10K In Fines For Allegedly Missing A Court Date

Tyga Tyga Tyga animated GIF

Perhaps “Deuces” may come to mind for this one…

Looks like rapper Tyga has to deal with more than rumors about allegedly dating Kylie Jenner and questioning Blac Chyna’s skills in motherhood.

According to reports, Tyga is facing a $10,000 dollar fine because he was absent from a court ordered mediation to settle a dispute between he and a former business partner.

Tyga’s ex-business partner, Glennon Marrero, reportedly sued the rapper last year over inappropriate usage over graphic design work. Marrero believes that Tyga used his designs for the clothing line Last Kings without proper compensation.

Marrero’s lawsuit requested that he receive the profits from the Last Kings clothing line. In Tyga’s defense, the 25-year-old rapper was adamant that he didn’t promise Marrero any monies collected from the line. However, he did admit that a percentage of his company was given to Marrero.

Tyga also claims that Morrero voluntarily relieved himself of his Last King duties back in 2012. That decision resulted in no financial gains for Morrero from what the clothing line accumulated in sales.

On Jan. 6, Morrero filed papers for Tyga to be fined given that he didn’t show up to mediation to settle their dispute.

Marrero’s documents details that Tyga missed the court ordered meeting on Sep. 17 of last year. Therefore, he wants Tyga to pay $10,900 dollars in sanction fees due to his absence.

Now laws do vary from state-to-state however, failure to show up in court can be considered a minor crime. This action can lead to bench warrants, jail time, fees and even receiving a license suspension.


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