Shake up your eye makeup with these easy tips!!

By: Jarius Tommillson

It’s the year 2015 and a new year means its time for a change! Do you live for a smoky eye? Are you in love a dark, hooded eye? Is liquid eyeliner your best friend? Does lashes whether they are strips, extensions or individuals take your look from drab to fab? If you fit in one of these categories, then today is your lucky day! Take the time to shake up your traditional eye makeup look and create something phenomenal for 2015. Are you ready? If so, count down from 5 and prepare for takeoff. We are blasting off into a new world with eye makeup that will keep the focus on you!


Do you like the color purple or shades in this royal family? If so, try incorporating a shade of plum to your eyes! This trend is very hot and making an appearance on every runway for spring 2015.


Using the color plum isn’t limited to your eyes! Apply plum to your lips to shake up your traditional lip paint! Trust me, your lips will thank your for the change in routine! If these colors sound like a plan, then you should most definitely try it! Since the season is changing and fashion is always advance, don’t be afraid to play with color to shake up your regular makeup look for your eyes! Using a white eyeliner pencil it perfect for a wide eye look! Do not forget to apply the lashes and liner to seal the deal! Age has nothing to do with the eyes; beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


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