Berry’s Husband Attack Airport Employee!

Looks like Halle Berry is in the spotlight again for battling with the paparazzi…only this time, it’s not Halle herself…and it’s not a paparazzi catching fades.

Celebs attacking paparazzi is nothing new but, in this case, this is pretty rare. Halle Berry’s husband Olivier Martinez attacks, not a professional pap, but a airport employee with a baby’s car seat. Olivier Martinez has had a few physical altercation. The most notorious is when he beat up Berry’s ex-husband and father to her child, Nahla, on Thanksgiving at Berry’s home.


Martinez has also had plenty of altercations with the paps along with his wife Halle Berry. But this time he laid the smack down on an innocent bystander who took a picture with his camera phone. As Martinez, Berry, and their two children were walking through the LAX airport, they were swarmed by a group of paparazzi like any other typical day in the life of a celebrity. In the midst, an airport employee harmlessly whips out his camera phone to take a picture and that is when Martinez knocks the man to the floor with a car seat he was carrying.


The unknown airport employee was taken to the hospital and has filed a lawsuit against Martinez.



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