Kelly Osbourne Struggles… To Take the Perfect Selfie


Now more than ever, we are all consumed by social media and its struggles. The biggest struggle aside from gaining admirers (otherwise known as followers) seems to be getting the perfect selfie picture. Now certain celebrities seem to have selfie-taking down to a science but the one celeb who just can’t seem to get it right is Kelly Osbourne and in fact, she’s even gone as far as admitting that she looks “borderline psychotic” every time she tries to take a selfie.

In a message on her Instagram, she wrote: “Every time I try to take a selfie I look like a f***ing borderline psychotic! Why can’t I be one of “those girls” it just #Farts good selfies? (sic)”.

Maybe Kelly needs to follow Kim Kardashian or Rihanna – those ladies are the absolute QUEENS of SELFIES!!! and if that doesn’t help her, may I suggest investing in a selfiestick?

By Monique C. Tillman


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