New Year, New Me: Beauty Sleep

Alright ladies! Let’s talk about sleep. We love it dearly but, unfortunately, we don’t get enough. As a student, I understand how difficult it is to get a full nights rest.


In 2010, an article was produced by writer, Sylviane Duval. She wrote that around 8 percent of high schoolers get enough rest at night.

In 2014 WMBF News reported that researchers from the University of Alabama studied students and found that around 60 percent of college students are not getting enough sleep.


Ladies, no matter how many Red Bulls we drink, at the end of the day, we all need our beauty sleep. According to, getting a good nights rest is can improve your memory, help your creativity, build stamina, and improve grades.

Now we are re-introduced to the importance of sleep and their benefits. Here are some steps that you can follow for the upcoming semester. closeup-on-womans-hand-writing-in-planner460x300

Time management:

Let’s put aside our professional procrastinating ways and schedule our days. Buy a cute planner and get to scheduling.

“Be a a river, not a flood.” One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Tim Elmore, use to say this phrase to my leadership team in high school. This quote just means, don’t spread yourself too thin.

This year, let’s refrain from joining every sport and club at school. Pick that one sport and two clubs that you enjoy this year. The goal is to have enough time for homework and sleep.

Cheers to a restful school year!



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