Becky Hammon: The Right Woman For The Spurs

Passion is fire and fire is all consuming.  A passion does not become a raging inferno overnight, it starts with a spark and grows from the embers.  Becky Hammon forged her path  through the WNBA as an undrafted, scrappy point guard for the New York Liberty.  Becky’s heart and passion for basketball continued into her later years with the San Antonio Stars, where she became the main pillar to stabilize the organization.

Whether it was playing abroad for Russia during the Olympics or coming back from an ACL injury in the latter stages of her career, Hammon continued to subsist off her desire as a basketball player.  Becky Hammon’s place in the history of the WNBA is secure but an irking sense of career mortality set in after 16 seasons. Doubt over what’s next threatened to bloat out her fire.  Though the injury was unfortunate, it was fate’s guiding hand.  Becky Hammon took advantage of this time to observe the San Antonio Stars brother organization, the San Antonio Spurs.  Through this process she found a natural transference for her skill set as a point guard.  A point guard is the floor general, an extension of the coach.

Before the season, Becky Hammon joined the San Antonio Spurs on their coaching staff, becoming the first woman to serve as a full-time coach in the NBA.  Though this is a huge accomplishment, it’s not a political appointment or meaningless hand wringing.  San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich isn’t very sentimental.  She will continue to subsist off the fire of basketball but she will also invest her passion into someone else.   Becky has blazed a trail but she’s also qualified.  Passion is fire and all consuming but it’s also used to light the way for the people who follow.


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