You Are Your Sister’s Keeper! Get To Know The Ladies of WE TV’s “Love Thy Sister!”

Reality shows seem to come a dime a dozen nowadays. If you are like me then perhaps you are ready to see something new and more wholesome from the genre in general. It seems like the folks at WE TV have heard our call, delivering three of the most vivacious and real ladies ever to grace the landscape of reality television. Get ready to know and love the ladies of Love Thy Sister!



Southern society is seldom understood and hard to navigate, but these three sisters make it look easy. The Rucker Sisters, Ruby, Ellen, and Ione; are three independent and powerful women each fighting to stay above water and keep their sisterly bond strong. The eldest sister is Ruby, a former lawyer and the wife of an orthodontist who has fallen on hard times. She struggles to keep her financial situation under wraps, but will not back down to her younger sisters; especially when she feels they have crossed a line. Next, is middle sister Ellen Rucker Carter, chiropractor and ex-wife of NBA player, Vince Carter. Ellen has decided to take a step back from her practice to focus on her young daughter and family. She wisely realizes family comes first–even when drama ensues. Finally, we have “the baby,” Ione, a recent divorcee ready to get back in the dating game. She is looking for fun out of life–and the bedroom!


The series looks promising! It is almost like The Kardashians and Braxtons went down South to have three little ladies. I love their sisterly bond and just how they seem to balance each other. Ruby is solid and strong as earth, Ellen is more fluid and adaptive to the needs of her surroundings, and Ione is like air and free spirited! How the Rucker Sisters manage hardship will be quite the testimony! The series premieres on Thursday, January 8th at 10:00 PM EST. Be sure to check it out, and its awesome trailer below!



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