Winter White: How do I wear it?

Winter White: how do I wear it?

Some of us are only bold enough to wear white during spring and summer months. However there are some brave souls who dare to tango with winter white. Winter White can be tricky and if paired wrong you take the risk of being “Tacky Tara” with the screen shot heard around the world.Winter WhiteStep 1: Selecting the right shade…..

Winter White is not actually white but more in the eggshell and cream families. Some fashionistas dare to be “different” by wearing WHITE, I’m not her 😉. I think in the cold months you should seek out a warmer tone in the “white family”.Winter White

Step 2: What should I wear with my “white” when “white” isn’t enough…When wearing winter white I like to go gold accessories, nothing too heavy( ex. 3 bangles, 1watch). Maroon also looks amazing with winter white, it gives the dark mystery. Lastly tan, tan is the second coming for winter white 🙌. Tan is very clean, its neutral and can roll through all 4 seasons.


Winter White

Step 3: What’s under your winter white……

Ladies, ladies I can not stress enough the importance of shape wear!!! Shape wear can be the difference between saving your life and pushing your over the edge. I know some of you have been in the gym or in the surgeon office your still not exempt from step three. If you are wearing a dress, skirt or pants please wear the shorts spanx in nude or black. The “panty” spanx are only to be worn with shorts. Please make sure you wear the proper shape wear because it can be just as bad as not wearing any at all 🙈.

I have provided 3 looks to assist because I know most of you are visual learners. Please enjoy, if you have questions please ask! Until next time, stay fly 💋



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