Justin Bieber Busting Moves and Butt on Skateboard!

The Biebs is at it again with his new hobby: skateboarding. And let’s just say his new hobby probably isn’t highly favored by his insurance company.


Justin Bieber was spotted just outside of Madison Square Garden in New York City with his skateboard busting some tricks for fans as they stood by and watched. But tricks weren’t the only thing Bieber was busting.

Bieber was hoping for more “wow’s” and “awesome’s” from his audience as he attempted to do a ollie off of some stairs. But instead he got a few “aww’s” and an “ouch”. But Biebs is a persistent son of a gun as he tried over and over until he gave his viewers and social network the most amazing wipeout in celebrity skateboard history…ok maybe not that dramatic. But to all the Beliebers, Justin was not injured and he eventually nailed his trick. You can see the video below from TMZ.



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