Product Review: Creme of Nature Perfect Edges


Before using the Creme of Nature Perfect Edges product, I was not a big fan of edge control products. However, my perspective has changed after using the product.

The edge control products that I tried usually had my edges looking flaky and feeling dry. But, this product is different. First of all, you only need to put the product on your hair once. After your first application, the product will last all day. I wear my hair natural and I found the product to be extremely helpful when I wore my hair in it’s curly, natural, and non-straightened state. Once I applied and brushed the product into my hair,


my edges were smooth and shiny. The product also has a delicious smell which is the icing on the cake. Nothing is worse than a product with a funky smell!

Ladies, trust me, this is the go-to product for the upcoming school semester. But, don’t go by just my word only. Try it out for yourself! Go back to school with this product in your bathroom. The product is helpful for those quick ponytail days, Au natural and non-straightened days, or even the days where your hair is flourishing!

You can find the Creme of Nature Perfect Edges product at just about any of your local beauty supply stores.

Stay fabulous!

Sarai Thompson


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