Beauty for any nationality!!! SKIN COLOR DOES NOT MATTER!!

By: Jarius Tommillson

Beauty has no color and boundaries. It does not matter what your race, creed, and or nationality is. Beauty runs deep within our veins and having a different culture makes us beautiful. If your skin is darker than others, that is ok! Embrace your beauty with these easy tips for your skin. Don’t worry if you see someone buying beauty products who does not speak the same language as you; skin care has a language that is universal.


One culture that I’ve always admired  is the women of India. I love their beauty, their amazing jewelry, and most essentially the creative techniques they use to express their beauty. With the help of vibrant colors and a rich culture, Indian women are living proof that beauty comes in all shades. I love how Indian women wear henna on their feet and arms as a natural substitution to tattoos. Not to mention, henna is very pretty and very sexy on the hands.


If you are African-American, embrace your skin tone as if it was a piece of delicate chocolate. Black is beautiful; and anyone who says it’s not is wrong. Want to keep that skin succulent? Make sure you are using a mild soap to keep your skin fresh and clean. Don’t forget to moisturize with cocoa butter for a sun kissed glow. 


No matter what ethnicity you belong too, take pride in your heritage. Our background is what shapes us into the human we are. Whether your fair skin or dark as night, embrace your tone and be beautiful inside and out.


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