Holiday Pout…What lip color will you being wearing this season??

By: Jarius Tommillson

The holidays are near and everyone is full of cheer! From stuffing stockings, to preparing your favorite sweet treats, this time of year is perfect for special gifts and most essentially the right lip color. What color will you be wearing this holiday season? Well, if you are not sure about what color is right for you, just ask yourself a simple question? What color fits my skin tone the best? Not to mention, what kind of look I want to go for during the holiday season? If you need some assistance making this decision, continue to read this blog and we can solve this problem together!


If you are feeling sexy, daring, and bold, go with a purple lip. Not only is it gorgeous, but can really perk up your pout. Who said kisses don’t lie? I love a purple lip because the color is outside the box and very transferable from a day to-night look.


If you are in the mood for a classic, timeless lip, choose the color red. Red is the perfect pout color because you can go edgy or even soft with red lips. I love red lips because you can dress up as if you are Santa’s helper and your lips are the best accessory! Tie a bow on that present and wrap it tight!


If you want to go for a natural, sultry lip, nude lips are best for this holiday season. Its warm and very neutral to any look. Whether you are wearing a dress or riding boots, nude lips are perfect for the occasion.


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