Bethany Mota on top!

19-year-old California native, Bethany Mota, a popular You-Tube fashion vlogger is on the top of Google’s list. She is the top searched fashion designer of 2014. Mota beat big names such as, Kate Spade, Alexander Wang, and Valentino.

Bethany began blogging on YouTube in 2009 and uses her channel to express to viewers the latest items that she has purchased. Ever since then, her popularity has sky rocketed. She currently has a partnership with Aeropostale.tumblr_static_5efa9c7ycvgo0s8c4g80gsoo4

There is no question that Bethany is talented. Need further proof?  Check out her clothing items on Aeropostale’s website. Her items consist of patterns and solids, skirts and pants, and graphic tees and blouses.

These items have another level of sophistication for growing teenagers. Especially for those who are transitioning into their college years. Bethany’s clothing can go with any item that is currently in the closet and can be dressed up to look more sophisticated as the teen gets older.

I look forward to what Bethany has in store for 2015. Her popularity is rising, and it is noticed.

Congrats, Bethany!


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