Ariana Grande Goes DARK!

Ariana Grande is known three big things–her big and amazing voice, her big career, and her relationship with rapper Big Sean! Well now you can add big news to that as the songstress has finally decided to change up her hair! Yes, “The Queen of Ponytails” has opted to let her hair down and darken it with a deep brown.

As you can see there are no highlights to speak of and it looks super sexy! Ariana took to Instagram posting a “helfie,(hair seflie);” but not before making a note of her trip to the salon. Below the picture she captioned:  “snuggllled up. bedddd head (back to dark brown btw) haiiiiirrrr,”

Ariana Grande as “Cat Valentine” on Victorious

As you might recall, during her Nickelodeon days she was “Cat Valentine,” on Victorious and Sam & Cat. There, she was required to keep her hair a bright red color for years, resulting in hair damage and some loss. She opted to keep it pinned up in a long ponytail style until it repaired and regrew. It definitely looks like it has. It never ceases to amaze how a little color change can make any woman instantly sexier!

Ariana rocking caramel ombre tresses from mid-2013 through 2014

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